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Operational Technology

Network-connected medical devices save patient lives. These devices range from the infusion pump programming that delivers the correct dosage of medications to the radiological imaging devices used to diagnose patient health issues and many other critical devices. These device types belong to the ever-expanding Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) that often extend past health delivery organization (HDO) property and reside in patients' homes that require them to manage their health.


As the technology expands, so does the threat surface for malicious actors seeking to take advantage of security weaknesses within the HDO environment.


Zettabyte Solutions understands your challenges around (IoMT) and brings the necessary experience and expertise to address them. Medical devices are inherently more expensive than traditional IT assets. Many are running legacy operating systems and software versions that are vulnerable to damaging cyber threats and incapable of being upgraded or having antimalware solutions installed on them. Hence it is necessary to identify them and apply specific controls for each type of medical device based on the technology available to protect them.


Zettabyte Solutions works with your teams to identify, select, and implement passive scanning technologies to inventory and fingerprint IoMT active on the network and identify vulnerabilities that severely impact your organization’s cyber hygiene. Accordingly, it is imperative to get the correct information to the people who can remediate issues. We accomplish this by integrating organizational network components and the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to generate service tickets with best practice guidance to mitigate IoMT vulnerabilities.


Zettabyte Solutions are experts in working with your team to build the necessary governance, risk management, and vulnerability management aspects for your IoMT environment. We apply industry-standard guidance using DoDI 8582.01, Security of Unclassified DoD Information on Non-DoD Information Systems, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication (SP) 800-53/53a, and NIST SP 800-37, Risk Management Framework (RMF) Guide for Applying the Risk Management Framework to Federal Information Systems as well as emerging DoD cybersecurity policies designed to address evolving threats.

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